About Premium Sherpa

PremiumSherpa allows Insurance Consumers the ability to shop dozens of Insurance Carriers using a single application. Once you find the policy you want, you can apply and get approved all on our platform. We make shopping for Insurance easy!

Shop dozens of Insurance Carriers and numerous lines of Insurance with a single application

Simplifying Insurance

Buying Insurance today is a tedious process. From getting quotes, talking with an Insurance agent and figuring out what type of policy and company is right for you can be daunting.

Our platform makes the process of finding the right policy simple and hassle free.

Getting Quotes

The first way we help you is by allowing you to generate quotes from dozens of Insurance carriers with a single application. Supprisingly this isn’t possible on other platforms

Applying for Coverage

Once you find the quote you want, you can then finish the application process on our platform without ever meeting or talking with a broker if you don’t want to.

Policies In Force

Available Sherpas


Bindable Quotes

Our quotes come directly from the carrier using your actual information so the prices we quote you are the prices you will actually pay.

What We Offer

PremiumSherpa is the most comprehensive Insurance marketplace that combines world class education, decision tree’s for discovering your actual insurance needs and connects you to the right carriers at the best price.

Bindable Quotes

Fill out our basic application to recieve bindable quotes from dozens of Insurance Carriers in just a few short minutes

Premium Customer Service

When you create a free account, you are assigned to one of our PremiumSherpas in your area who can answer any questions

Customizable Policies

Get customized quotes. We don’t offer one sized fits all policies, our decision tree helps you find the right types of coverage

Coverage Lapse Detection

Our platform can help you find any areas of coverage that may be missing from your Insurance portfolio.

Online Policy Management

Manage your policies all in one portal. File claims, change coverages and make payments all on PremiumSherpa

Low Rates & Most Options

Comparison shop dozens of carriers over numerous lines of Insurance all on Premium Sherpa with a single Application